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Title: Sacred Heart Newsletter – No.18, December 2014
Authors: Sacred Heart
Keywords: Celebrating Christmas Traditions through Ethiopean Iconography
Why the Sacred Heart devotion is integral to Ignatian spirituality
Morning Offering
Join 40 million others in this worldwide union of persons praying for the intentions of the Pope
Apostleship of Prayer Pope Francis’ Intentions for 2015
Canadian Sacred Heart Messenger ends publication after 124 years
The Irish Sacred Heart Messenger continues its impressive history
4th Pan-African Meeting of the AP and EYM Held in Cameroon mid-April 2014
Apostleship of Prayer Publications Showing a Different Face Today
Issue Date: Dec-2014
Publisher: Sacred Heart, 2014.
Series/Report no.: Sacred Heart Newsletter;No.18, December 2014
Abstract: With its rich tradition of Byzantine and Coptic Christianity and ancient religious shrines, Ethiopia has an impressive array of religious art, extending over many centuries. Most notable are its richly coloured icons, which sometimes cover entire walls of historic churches and religious chapels. Churches also display single icons on canvas or goat skin hung on frames, as well as diptychs and triptychs painted on wood, which are set above altars or posted on walls.....
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