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Title: Sacred Heart Newsletter - No.23, March 2016
Authors: Sacred Heart
Keywords: St. Peter Canisius, apostle of Germany, early in life formed a deep love of the Sacred Heart
The Pope’s Prayer Network The Apostleship of Prayer’s Fresh New Look
Books on Sacred Heart Devotion
Liturgical and Other Days of Note 2016 Including Jesuit Saints & Blesseds
The gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit flourish in abundant measure Through devotion to the Sacred Heart
Issue Date: Mar-2016
Publisher: Sacred Heart, 2016.
Series/Report no.: Sacred Heart News Letter;No.23, March 2016
Abstract: The life of Peter Canisius spanned the rise and spread of Lutheranism in northern and central Germany. Canisius was born in 1521, four years after Luther nailed his 95 theses to the chapel door in Wittenberg, and died in 1597. Peter’s preaching and catechising was a powerful force in stemming the spread of Luther’s doctrine to southern Germany and Austria and laid the foundation for preserving allegiance to the Catholic faith throughout the German people.
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