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Title: An ill Departure from Political Order
Authors: Augusto, César Jó
Keywords: An ill Departure from Political Order
César Jó Augusto
Mukai - Vukani no. 76
Magazine for Jesuits and friends
Grand Coalition
An Acolyte of Corruption
Enkindling a Fire to Fight Corruption
Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission
Political rules of the game
Political order theory
Issue Date: Apr-2020
Publisher: Jesuit Communications (JesCom)
Citation: Mukai - Vukani No. 76
Series/Report no.: An ill Departure from Political Order;p.4-7
Abstract: According to the Aristotelian conceptual framework a political society is an unavoidable cradle of human togetherness. No man is an island. Aristotle asserts that "human beings are political by nature, and that their natural capacities incline them to flourish in a society" (Fukuyama 2011)
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