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Title: Law: An Ordinance of Reason
Authors: Muyebe, Alex
Keywords: MeaningĀ· of Law in General
Law: An Ordinance of Reason
Alex Muyebe
Magazine for Jesuits and friends
Corruption as a Form of Irrationality
Corruption Militates Against the Common Good
How to Combat Corruption
Mukai-Vukani No.76
Corruption Perceptions Index
SMART Zambia Division
'normative science'
The Austinian Theory of Law
Issue Date: Apr-2020
Citation: Mukai - Vukani No. 76
Series/Report no.: Law: An Ordinance of Reason;p.10-12
Abstract: John Austin's law definition states "law is the aggregate set of rules set by a man as politically superior, or sovereign to men, as political subjects." Thus, this definition defines law as a set of rules to be followed by everyone, regardless of their stature (The Austinian Theory of Law, 1906). Hans Kelsen states that law is a 'normative science'. In Kelsen's law definition, the law does not seek to describe what must occur, but rather only defines certain rules to abide by (Hans Kelsen, Pure Theory of Law, 2002).
Description: Mukai- Vukani (''Arise'') magazine for the Jesuit Province of Zimbabwe-Mozambique serves as a magazine for theological reflection for Jesuits in the said Province and their friends. It seeks to help in finding the direction of life in the light of the Word of God at any given time. In this way the magazine facilitates dialogue among Jesuits and their friends based on study, prayer and discernment.
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