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Title: Playing Chess with Other People's Life
Authors: Sanyatwe, Theresa
Keywords: Playing Chess with Other People's Life
Theresa Sanyatwe
Sacred gift
Magazine for Jesuits and friends
Metaphysics of Morals
Issue Date: Jun-2020
Publisher: Jesuit Communications (JesCom)
Citation: Mukai - Vukani No. 76
Series/Report no.: Playing Chess with Other People's Life;p.29-30
Abstract: Chess is a fascinating mental game. It requires one to think carefully about the moves to make in defense or in the offensive in order to attain a position of advantage to win. In a game of chess there are pawns, krlights, bishops, king and queen. l'he aim of the game is to protect one's king while trying to capture the opponent's king. In doing that the pawns and all other ~ are sacrificed for the safety or defense of the king. In the strategy of defending the honour of special pieces the pawns are sacrificed.
Description: Mukai- Vukani (''Arise'') magazine for the Jesuit Province of Zimbabwe-Mozambique serves as a magazine for theological reflection for Jesuits in the said Province and their friends. It seeks to help in finding the direction of life in the light of the Word of God at any given time. In this way the magazine facilitates dialogue among Jesuits and their friends based on study, prayer and discernment.
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