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Title: Biblical Prophets' Anti-Corruption Vocation
Authors: Magwidi, Fani OFM
Keywords: Biblical Prophets
Anti-Corruption Vocation
Mukai - Vukani
Magazine for Jesuits and friends
Fani Magwidi OFM
Biblical Prophecy
Issue Date: Apr-2020
Publisher: Jesuit Communications (JesCom)
Citation: Mukai - Vukani No. 76
Series/Report no.: Biblical Prophets' Anti-Corruption Vocation;p.21-22
Abstract: Since the beginning of creation, God has not left humanity to itself. He maintained a cordial relationship with human beings. In spite of the unfortunate incident of humanity's disobedience recorded in Genesis, which marred this relationship, this did not destroy it. God evolved a master plan of salvation, which unfurled through the years and was made known to humankind through the prophets!
Description: Article extracted from Mukai-Vukani no. 76 by Fr Fani Magwidi OFM
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