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Title: Jesuits and Africa
Authors: Mkenda, Festo
Keywords: Religion
African Religions
Global Religions
Indigenous Religions
Roman Catholic Christianity
Society of Jesus
Southern Africa
Issue Date: 3-Aug-2020
Publisher: Oxford University Press, 2018.
Citation: Oxford Handbook
Series/Report no.: Oxford Handbooks Online;p.1-29
Abstract: Jesuits have commanded scholarly attention in recent years, with Jesuit studies almost becoming an independent academic discipline. However, their involvement in Africa remains largely unstudied, even though they were in parts of the continent for close to two centuries. Moreover, after their restoration in 1814, the Jesuits played a significant role in the evangelization of Africa. This essay is an overview of Jesuit presence in Africa over the centuries. While it gives more prominence to the historical missions of the pre-suppression period in Congo, Angola, Mozambique, and Ethiopia, it also covers more recent presence in Madagascar, southern Africa and Egypt, and concludes with a brief analysis of the state of the Society of Jesus in Africa today. The essay underscores the challenge of locating Jesuit records related to Africa and the importance of understanding early missionary efforts on the African continent for the benefit of similar efforts in our time...
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