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The Jesuit Historical Institute in Africa Archives is in pursuit of the collective memory of ten past and current administrative provinces of the Society of Jesus in Africa. These Ten include the ACE, ANW, AOC, AOR MDG, RWB, SAF, ZAM, ZIM, and PRO Provinces. The archives is also amassing the records of the governing body of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagascar (JCAM). From a desire to honor the wisdom of the 30th Superior General Adolfo Nicolás, the Jesuit Historical Institute in Africa has striven to fulfill its mission as a repository of records for the largest religious order of men in the Catholic Church in the African continent.

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Biographies & Obituaries


Catalogs SJ

Catalogs are compiled for the individual Provinces. Any Missions, Regions etc are given within the Catalog of the Province to which these belong.


Essential Documents

Essential Documents of the Jesuits



Documents on Jesuit Formation



Letters – personal correspondence, circulars, letters to and from Fr Provincial and Fr General, annual letters in Latin, postcards and Christmas cards.



Newsletters from all the provinces of JCAM

  • Serves an essential function of the intellectual apostolate of the Society as a “place of memory.”
  • Provides a secure, organized repository for the patrimony of documents and artifacts. This preserves the history of a province, its communities, and apostolic works, as well as the lives of its members.  Thus the Society of Jesus may understand its past and animate its present and future endeavors.
  • Supports the current administration of a province and its apostolic mission.
  • Makes resources of history and spirituality available to help with the cultivation of Jesuit identity and the evangelization of cultures.
  • Preserves the patrimony of the Society of Jesus in order to transmit it to future generations of Jesuits, who will act as emissaries to the culture at large.