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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1980-09S. J. Praesens in AfricaVallejo, Félix Sánchez
2012-12Sacred Heart Newsletter - No.10, December 2012Sacred Heart
2013-09Sacred Heart Newsletter - No.13, September 2013Sacred Heart
2013-12Sacred Heart Newsletter - No.14, December 2013Sacred Heart
2014-06Sacred Heart Newsletter - No.16, June 2014Sacred Heart
2015-06Sacred Heart Newsletter - No.20, June 2015Sacred Heart
2016-03Sacred Heart Newsletter - No.23, March 2016Sacred Heart
2013-06Sacred Heart Newsletter – No.12, June 2013Sacred Heart
2014-09Sacred Heart Newsletter – No.17, September 2014Sacred Heart
2014-12Sacred Heart Newsletter – No.18, December 2014Sacred Heart
2015-03Sacred Heart Newsletter – No.19, March 2015Sacred Heart
2015-12Sacred Heart Newsletter – No.22, December 2015Sacred Heart
2012-06Sacred Heart Newsletter – No.8, June 2012Sacred Heart
2013Saint Jacques Berthieu: The Good Shepherd of MadagascarLindeijer, Marc
1555-07-18Saving a Companion from Slavery (No. 5544 : IX 336-338 : Spanish): Fr Jeronimo Domenech' (by commission) in Sicily 18 July 1555 from RomeIgnatius, of Loyola
1960-01-28De Scholis Secundariis et Superioribus in Africa Suscitandis: Ad Superiorem Cuiusdam MissionisIoannes, Baptista
2014-11-21Se livrer sans rien sentirVandame, Charles Louis Joseph
2014-11-21Se livrer sans rien sentir: Mon itinéraire spirituelVandame, Charles
2010-10Second Sunday after Christmas (A)Turenne, Roland
2010-10Second Sunday of Advent : John the Baptist (A)Turenne, Rolland