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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016P. Arrupe et la fondation du Service Jésuite des RefugiésGavin, Kenneth
1977-04-04P. O'Keefe ad interim in Societatis Regimine Supplebit: Ad Omnes Superiores MaioresLaurendeau, Louis
2002The Pandemic of HIV-AIDS in Sub-Saharan AfricaRogers, Edward
1996Parish Life in Lagos: The Harvest is GrowingSheehan, John R.
2013ParishesLewis, Michael
2022-04-22The Passing StormKyalo, Francis
2010-10The Passion (notes from Benedictus) (A)Turenne, Roland
2010-10The Passion of Our Lord Jesus (A)Turenne, Roland
2010-10The Pentecost (A)Turenne, Roland
2020-06-16Petit guide pour relire mon temps de priereLivraghi, Dorino
2015A Pilot Project in ChadMborong, Etienne
1987A Place where none of us has ever been beforeThe Jesuits
2003Planting the local church in Zambia: HistoryMcGivern, Thomas
2020-06Playing Chess with Other People's LifeSanyatwe, Theresa
2020-06-16Pour recueillir les fruits …Livraghi, Dorino
2019-12Prerequisites for Genuine Prayer: A Sincere Dialogue with GodBanda, Gilbert Fungai
1999The Presence of the Society of Jesus in Africa from the Beginnings to the Present DayMatungulu, Marcel
2017Preserving Memory and Promoting Historical Knowledge: Jesuit Historical Institute in Africa (JHIA)Mkenda, Festo
2022-03-04The Priest and the VisionaryChisanga, Emmanuel
1980-12-08A propos de l' a'nalyse marxiste: Aux Provinciaux D'amerique LatineArrupe, Pedro