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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1552-10-25To Father Gaspar Barzaeus, in Goa: From Sancian, October 25, 1552 (EX II 503-505; FX N 630.632)Xavier, Francis
1542-09-20To Father Ignatius of Loyola, in Rome: From Goa, September 20, 1542 (EX I 139-143; FX II 276-278)Xavier, Francis
1549-01-20To Father Simão Rodrigues, in Portugal: From Cochin, January 20, 1549 (EX II 35-44; FX III 587-589)Xavier, Francis
1540-07-26To Fathers Ignatius Loyola and Pietro Codacio, in Rome: From Lisbon, July 26, 1540 (EX I 47·49; FX 620-621)Xavier, Francis
1549-06-22To Fathers Paulo, Antonio Gomes, and Baltasar Gago: From Malacca, June 20-22, 1549 (EX II 123-135; IV 15-18)Xavier, Francis
1544-12-18To Francisco Mansilhas, in Punicale: From Cochin, December 18, 1544 (EX 1244-247; FX II 473-474)Xavier, Francis
1544-09-11To Francisco Mansilhas, in Punicale: From Manapar, September 11, 1544 (EX I 234-235; FX II 454-455)Xavier, Francis
1546-05To His Companions in Europe: From Amboina, May to, 1546 (EX 1318-335; FX III 131-140)Xavier, Francis
1542-09-20To his Companions Living in Rome: From Goa, September 20, 1542 (EX I 119-128; FX II 271-273)Xavier, Francis
1542-01-01To his Companions Residing in Rome: From Mozambique, January 1, 1542 (EX I 91-93; FX II 95-96)Xavier, Francis
1545-01-27To Ignatius of Loyola, in Rome: From Cochin, January 27, 1545 (EX I 257-260; FX II 537-538)Xavier, Francis
1545-05-08To Master Diogo and Father Micer Paulo, in Goa: From Mailapur, May 8, 1545 (EX I 291-294; FX II 593-595)Xavier, Francis