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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1555-07-18Saving a Companion from Slavery (No. 5544 : IX 336-338 : Spanish): Fr Jeronimo Domenech' (by commission) in Sicily 18 July 1555 from RomeIgnatius, of Loyola
1549-09-24Spreading God's Word in a German University (App.1, No. 18 : XII 239-247 : Latin): Companions Setting out to Germany 24 September 1549 from RomeIgnatius, of Loyola
1555-01-20Suggestion for a Mission in Ethiopia (No. 2 in Appendix: VIII 680-690 : Spanish): Fr Juan Nunez, Patriarch 20 February 1555 from Rome of Ethiopia in LisbonIgnatius, of Loyola
1555-02-23To Claudius, Negus of Ethiopia: Rome, February 23, 1555 (Letter 5205: VIII:460-67; in Spanish)Ignatius, of Loyola
1555-04-07To João Nunes Barreto, Patriarch of Ethiopia Appendix about Ethiopian Affairs: Rome, ca. April 7, 1555 (Vol. VIII, no. 2,680-90; in Spanish)Ignatius, of Loyola
1546-10To King John III of Portugal: Rome, October 1546 (Letter 140: 1:429; in Spanish)Ignatius, of Loyola
1555-02-26To Melchior Carneiro: Rome, February 26, 1555 (Letter 5218: VIII:489f. ; in Spanish)Ignatius, of Loyola
1546-10-09To Miguel de Torres: Rome, October 9,1546 (Letter 143: 1:433-37; in Spanish)Ignatius, of Loyola
1546-10To Simao Rodrigues: Rome, October 1546 (Letter 141: 1:429f.; in Spanish)Ignatius, of Loyola
1547-10-26To Simio Rodrigues: Rome, October 26, 1547 (Letter 202: I:599f.; in Spanish)Ignatius, of Loyola
1554-09-15To the Jesuits Leaving Rome for Portugal and thence traveling on to Ethiopia: Rome, September 15, 1554 (Appendix de rebus Aeth., no. 1.: VIII:677-S0; in Spanish)Ignatius, of Loyola
1551-06-01To Urbano Fernandes, by Commission: Rome June 1, 1551 (Letter 1848: III:499-503; in Spanish)Ignatius, of Loyola
1554-03-15Writing Home: The Case of Brother Adorno (1554) (No. 4277 : VI 474-475 : Spanish); Fr Diego Mirón (by commission) in Portugal 15 March 1554 from RomeIgnatius, of Loyola